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Damian Mizzi is a Maltese-born orchestral composer and electronic music producer, focusing primarily in composition and orchestration, for film, TV and advertising.


From a very young age, he was surrounded by the creative and artistic environment that nurtured his desire to create and explore art in various manners. He started his formal education in music performance at the tender age of four. However, his aptitude for improvisation and music conception, promptly revealed that composition seemed a more satisfying profession.


Damian studied electronic music production at Point Blank Music College in London, and sound design at Emory University. More recently, he undertook a four year program at Berklee College of Music, where he obtained a first class Masters’ Degree in film scoring and composition.


Damian’s artistic background and passion for filmmaking itself, are a few of the many motives why he has become very keen about the expression of motion picture. Following his achievements in music and IT, his involvement in advertising, theatrical and TV productions, ignited a greater desire for writing music to picture, which now underlies Damian's efforts to further his career, as well as honing his abilities to work in a team environment.


Damian collaborates with a number of Maltese and international companies and individuals who entrust him to create original compositions for commercials, TV series, short films and all genre of audiovisual productions.


Film scoring represents a combination of Damian’s greatest passions; psychology, science and technology, and using them together to decipher and capture the essence of film language while conveying the message in the subtler and more expressive medium of music.


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